Brzdová páka Trialtech Sport

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Trialtech sport brake lever
1 890 Kč s DPH
1 562 Kč bez DPH
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Description and materials
- Innovative, ultralight Trialtech Sport hydraulic rim brake lever.
- Forged lever body and lever blade, with CNC machined features that optimize design and remove any excess material.
- Thanks to the 13mm nylon piston and ergonomic 105mm lever blade, more power can be achieved.
- Replaceable pivot pin, locking grub-screw and unique hidden ‘backup’ securing system.
- Optimal bleed port position, air always rises to the bleed port exit, helping improve fluid change ease and quality.
- Low-profile handlebar clamp, using a custom forged bolt that is kept protected by the lever body itself.
- Uses high quality UK-made O-rings, which ensure a durable, reliable sealing.
- Super light aluminium TPA pin, wheel, pivot pin and clamp bolt.
- This lever is not reversible, but can be flipped in urgent situations (the pivot pin should be turned around for added security).
- Sold singly, including a custom Trialtech bleed hose, barbed fitting and M6 bleed screw.
- Left or right side specific options available.

Compatible with:
- The best performance is achieved using Trialtech rim brake fluid, although you can also use other brands’ mineral oil.
- All kinds of hydraulic rim brake cylinders from Echo, Racing Line and Magura.

- Anodized black body and lever blade, with silver accessories.
- Trialtech Sport laser etched graphics on the lever body and blade.

- Only 88.5g!

Additional Information
This lever includes an instructions sheet with the maximum torque for each one of the bolts. Any damage caused by over-tightening the bolts won’t be covered under warranty.