Clean carbon vidlice 20"

Dostupnost :
Clean carbon fork 20"
10 200 Kč s DPH
8 430 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* New carbon high modulus carbon fork

* Constructed in high modulus carbón fiber, not only to get a really low weight, also to offer a great finishes, stiffness and strenght unbeatable.

* Highly tested in out Taiwanese lab, passing the “EN” impact and fatigue testing perfectly after few samples.

* Carbon layers are positioned in the same position, unidirectional (UD), offering a great strenght compared with other 3K forks. 180mm long steerer tube, with an aluminium insert to provide better stiffness.

* Also comes with an M6 threaded área, so no star nut needed.

* Steerer tube comes with two Kevlar layers to offer better stiffness against big impacts.

* Integrated 45º Crown race, the bearing sits directly in the fork without the need of a Crown race.

* Tapered fork offers so much stiffness and strenght than standard 1 1/8” forks.

* Suitable only with tapered frames with 1 1/8” in the top and 1/5” in the bottom. We are 100% sure than the effectivity of this new forks style in trials.

* Both brake systems in the same fork. Rim brake mounts comes with special inserts to ensure the best brake performance, specially using our lever Clean T13, spaced at 92mm.

* Disc mount is a PostMount system, with an optimized position can fit any PM caliper.

* Also the aluminium inserts are really special inside.

* The new dropouts are totally redesigned to fit both hub types.

* Thru axle hubs and standard hubs by just changing the inserts (included).

* We designed internal and external washers for our X2 hubs.

 * Note: The fork is 104mm spaced right now instead of 100mm UD finish, with nice Clean matt grey graphcis in the outer side and a large White sticker inside.

 * Steerer tube comes with any design due of the Kevlar layers.

* Weight: 503g (with 180mm steerer and without need star nut).