Clean disc freehub 120mm

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Cleantrial rear disc 120mm freehub
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Clean Freehub |Higher Rolling Capacity and 270 Clicks Discover the advantages of the revolutionary Clean Trials freehub, designed to deliver maximum performance with 270 engagement clicks, perfect for your trials bike.

What does the revolutionary Clean rear freehub offer?

- Compared to a regular freewheel, the integrated system in the hub provides much greater roll capacity, as the chain only engages when you pedal, remaining idle the rest of the time.

Additionally, the Clean freehub offers the highest number of clicks on the market, currently providing 270 engagement points, twice as many as its previous top-of-the-line model.

What are the key features of the Clean freehub?

- The front part is fitted with a fixed 18-tooth sprocket, also available on our website through the following link.

- One notable aspect of this freehub is that every single part, except for the bearings, has been designed by Clean Trials, including the springs and triggers.

- It comes with a 12 mm thru-axle included with the hub and a standard 6-bolt disc mount with 32 spoke holes.

- Width of 120 mm, compatible with Clean X3 and K1 20" frames.

What components make up the Clean freehub?

- The freehub consists of several parts: Body: Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, anodized in red.

Conical walls for maximum rigidity and strength.

On the right side, the body features the slots for the springs and triggers. Removable Core and Integrated Sprocket: Steel crown with 60 teeth.

Clean has opted for fixed sprockets, without threads or washers, directly pressed on the inner surface with teeth that engage the triggers.

The supplied sprocket is made from a material called SCM440. Moreover, it features a wide-narrow design to perfectly engage the chain, eliminating the need for any lockring or tightening key.

Sleeve: Where you slide in the 12 mm diameter thru-axle.

Made from aluminum.

Bearings: This hub is equipped with 4 sealed bearings - two in the body and two in the core.

Other components: 6 mm outer washers on each side. 3 mm washer between bearings. Dust seal.

12 mm thru-axle. partes componen el buje libreClean

- Trials bikes frames with 120 mm spacing and a 12 mm diameter thru-axle.

- 32 -hole spoke rims (32H).

- Disc brakes with a 6-bolt mount. Dimensions and specifications of the Clean freehub -

Hub spacing: 120 mm

- Thru-axle diameter: 12 mm.

- Spacers (ends): 6 mm.

- Number of spoke holes: 32 (32H).

- Flange diameter: 57 mm.

- Flange distance: 56 mm.

- Washers between bearings: 3 mm.

- Bearing reference: Number of bearings: 4 units Inner axle bearing reference: 2x 6902 2RS (1x disc side, 1x sprocket side).

Rotating block bearing reference: 2x 6802 2RS (1x inner side, 1x outer side).

Dimensiones y especificaciones del buje libre Clean Available colors of the Clean freehub

- Anodized in red, with Clean logo laser-engraved in white.

Weight of the Clean freehub - 312.32 g (included Sprocket) (+ 28.28 g for the thru-axle).