Clean představec PRO 24° 145mm

Dostupnost :
Clean stem 24°
2 118 Kč s DPH
1 447 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Clean Trials Pro 24º Stem Revolutionary,

* High-end Clean Trials Pro 24º stem.

* Thanks to its many technical innovations, this stem is 20% lighter and 100% reliabl Description and materials

- New edition of the high-end Clean Trials Pro bike trials stem.

- This stem is now 20% lighter and introduces multiple technical improvements than the previous Clean Trials Pro stem.

- The handlebar clamp has been completely redesigned, and now has 2 independent clamps and 4 m6x18mm bolts, facing upwards to avoid hitting the chest. Also, this eases handlebar installation and keeps it in place more securely.

- The top cap is integrated into the stem body, and It’s also been improved: it now features a more robust, reliable design than before.

- 100% exclusive design by Clean, developed and tested for months by the Clean team riders Noah Cardona and Samuel Hlavatý.

- The stem body is made in mold from 6061

-T6 aluminium alloy with maximal dimensional accuracy, optimizing strength and stiffness.

- Sloping steerer clamp requires a flat steerer tube: this increases reliability and allows for a more secure grip.

- 4 different sizes available, all of them with 24º rise: 125mm x 24º, 135mm x 24º, 145mm x 24º and 155mm x 24º.

- Supplied with all 7 M6 steel bolts, ready to install. Sizes 125mm x 24º 135mm x 24º 145mm x 24º 155mm x 24º

- Handlebar diameter: Ø31.8mm

- Steerer clamp height: to be confirmed

Compatible with:

- Forks with steerer tube cut flat.

- 31.8mm Oversized handlebars (most trials handlebars).

Colour - Anodized black, with HRNT Clean logo

Weight - 163g (125mm x 24º), 172g (135mm x 24º), 175g (145mm x 24º) and 181g (155mm x 24º)