Comas Entry 1008 Pro Factory - SALE - AKCE

Dostupnost :
Comas Entry 1008mm disc Pro Factory
30 800 Kč s DPH 36 900 Kč s DPH
25 455 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Comas entry bike1008mm

* Factory version with Hope Tech 3 brakes

* FRAME 20" Made of high quality 6061-T6, One-piece CNC machined dropouts, Post-mount

* PEDALS Cage Trial Type, 9/16", Aluminium BASHPLATE Ultralight, Bash-Plate Type, High Quality 7075-T6 CNC Machined Aluminum,

* Post-Mount FORK 20" High quality, Tapered 1-1/8 to 1,5 Aluminum, Post-mount disc mount.

* STEM One-piece 3D forged aluminum design with no welds, 150mm x 20º. SPACER 5mm Steering spacer bushing made of CNC machined aluminum. HEADSET Semi-integrated steering 1-1/8", High-quality treated aluminum cups

* HANDLEBAR Made of 6061T6 aluminum, 2 thicknesses, L720mm, 31.8mm, Up 7º, Back 9º, H105mm

* GRIPS Extra-thin, medium density foam grips, 4mm thick.

* BRAKES Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone hydraulic disc brake, Postmount system, Aluminum lever, aluminum caliper.

* FRONT DISC Front disc made of high quality stainless steel, exclusive composition and roughness, 160mm

* REAR DISC Rear disc made of high quality stainless steel, exclusive composition and roughness, 160mm

* FRONT WHEEL COMAS WHEEL 20" wheel for disc brake, W100 DEL, W32mm, Rim stickers

* REAR WHEEL COMAS WHEEL 19" wheel for disc brake, W116 DEL, W48mm, Rim Stickers

* FRONT TIRE Tire 20"x2.00 Tire REAR TIRE Tire 19"x2.60 Tire TUBES Ultra-lightweight high quality inner tube, 20 "x1.75, Thickness: 0.8mm BB PARTS ISIS type crankset bottom bracket, Thread 1.37x24t, W68mm, L123mm

* CRANKSET Forged aluminum crankset for ISIS bottom bracket system, L158mm, Off33mm

* FREEWHEEL 18T freewheel with 108 engagement points and 9 triggers, Tooth width: 2.2mm, Total width: 17mm CHAIN YBN S20 single-speed 1/2 "x3/32" Chain

* SPROCKET CNC machined from 7075 T6 Aluminum, 12T, W12mm, Thread 1.37 "x24T

* TENSIONER CNC machined eccentric type chain tensioner, Toothed profile with 49 positions, W3mm

* GEOMETRY WB1008, RC350, HA72º, BB85, OFF40, HT370, W116 FINISH Orange neon with

* COMAS stickers in black color