Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate 2024 disc

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Crewkerz Jealousy Ultimate double disc 2024
72 500 Kč s DPH
59 918 Kč bez DPH
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The Jealousy Ultimate 20″ remains in line with Crewkerz bikes: A high-performance bike, an exceptional bike! Charlie Rolls & Robin Berchiatti, both Junior 20” World Champions, exploit it with style.The hydroformed tubes provide much more dynamic, efficient behavior, they reduce latency (The bike returns to its zero//original position more quickly). Ground clearance is optimized with the new shape of the diagonal tube. In this new generation, the tube thicknesses have been adjusted to provide greater reliability and better energy restitution.New 2024 tapered//tapered bushing (Perfect junction between the downtube and the bushing). 120 mm in height and integrated headset to lower the overall height of the cockpit by 9 mm. This standard allows for tapered forks which increase steering precision, reliability and dynamism at the front of the bike .On this new 2024 production, the 50% lighter carbon tensioner appears with 9T caster. The new WAW Ultimate carbon handlebars available in 102 mm and 108 mm riseup, the WAW Ultimate stem, and the Ultimate carbon fork will feature a new, more sober design.Always the new yoke to optimize the responsiveness and reliability of this frame necessary for modern Trials.The WAW crankset offers weight savings and increased nervousness thanks to the new manufacturing process for the axle and cranks, as well as the elimination of sharp angles to spare our malleolus!On this bike you also benefit from the exclusive decoration of the World Champions, the WAW Ultimate carbon fork, and the Trialtech Carthy Signature 2022 and Hope Tech 4 brakes, the WAW Ultimate carbon handlebar and the wheels are now mounted with the essential Hashtagg rims for save weight, surface area and braking power when you are on the pad brake version. Only very efficient and very high-end!

Cadre : Jealousy Ultimate 20” 2023
Fourche : WAW Ultimate carbone 20’’
Potence : WAW Ultimate 155 mm 20°
Cintre : WAW Ultimate carbone 102 mm ou 108 mm
Poignées : Grip mousse
Frein avant : Frein à disque Hope Tech 4
Frein arrière : Frein à disque Hope Tech 4
Sabot : Crewkerz Noir
Manivelles : WAW 160 mm au Standard AS30
Pédales : WAW Simple cage
Roue libre : 135 engagements 9 cliquets
Pignon : 12 dents à cannelures
Chaîne : KMC Z1 eHX noire
Tendeur : Crewkerz Carbone
Roue avant : WAW 20’’ Hashtagg Edition
Roue arrière : WAW 19″ Hashtagg Edition
Pneu avant : Monty Pro Race 20” x 2.0
Pneu arrière : Monty Pro Race 19” x 2.5
Géométrie : 1005  mm 350 mm +85 mm 71,5° et douille de 120 mm
Couleur : Alu brossé mat
Poids : 7,7 Kg
 (1) Empattement : 1005 mm
(2) Base : 350 mm
(3) Hauteur boitier : + 85 mm
(4) Angle de direction : 71,5°
(5) RS : 605
(6) Reach : 481
(7) Stack : 368