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TMW 24" street bike CHAMPGN Camo Start
34 490 Kč s DPH
28 505 Kč bez DPH
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* TMS street bike 24" CHAMPGN - START

* TMS is the time to present your last creation on the STREET TRIAL market: CHAMPGN CAMO declined in START version

* The French brand of Thibaut Marriaux (ex Champion of the world of the VTT trial) takes advantage of a beautiful experience: 10 years of development with his Team trial and street trial.

* After each month, the tester for the brand will be a measure in the middle of the new version of CHAMPGN. NEWS & INNOVATIONS

* Geometry with a well plus balance in its ensemble, bases plus longs and boilers plus bases with an empathy still plus court facilitates rotations and other "street" tricks all in a good trial trial.

*  CNC fixed track fixtures for the best use of the wheel in its logging and gain of important rigidity.

* Tender attached to a frame that allows a fixed position of the wheel and a constant tension of the chain: resulting in a constant release.

- Support for the fixation of air use of a flat between 2 months, allowing a total protection and a perfect match for air transport.

- Inner tube set to facilitate foot passage for Foot Jam or Noze switch.

- Storage of integrated cells in a pipe tube and located in the basins for euphores and for permission of an inlet plus base.

* Colour: Black briliant + CAMO JAUNE VERT


- Total equipment: 988mm

- Rear bases: 362mm

- Boiler head: + 28mm

- Direction angle: 74 °

- Weight: 1.9kg (without tenders)


Fourche: - Brilliant black chrome - Length: 400mm; pivot: 220mm; Depth: 30mm,

- ISF 160mm disc tray

- Compatible axle Ax Ø9mm and traversing Ø15mm

- CNC fillet bouchon Pilot post:

- Direction game: TMS 1-1 / 8 ”Integrated ..

- Potency: TMS 80x25 °

- Guidon: COMAS 105 noir

- Poignées: Black extra fine fine milk


- Magura MT Sport

- TMS disc 180mm Transmission:

- Pedestrian box: TMS 128 ISIS drive.

- Manivelles: Forged Troid 170mm, Black

- Free front wheel: TMS 18 dts 40 Click.

- Pedals: Welgo Aluminum noir

- Chain: KMC Z610



- Front wheel: Disc 32 Round bulbs

- Rear wheel arrière: Roulement billes noir boulonnée

- Sprocket: Vissé 13 dents

- Front rim: TMS 24 ”street, double parois, Noire

- Rear rim: TMS 24 ”street, double parois, Noire


- Kenda KRAD 24x 2.35

Weight: - 10.8 kg

6 month warranty