Clean brzdové objímky 3D

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Clean 3D brake clamps
855 Kč s DPH
707 Kč bez DPH
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* Clean 3D Brake Clamps

* Now these don’t require plastic cylinder washers, so they are simpler and easier to adjust.

* Each brake clamp is now 1mm thicker for improved strength and reliability. Description and materials

* Clean 3D hydraulic rim brake clamps, developed by the Spanish bike trials specialist Clean Trials.

* Made of high quality, CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminium alloy.

* These clamps don’t need cylinder washers.

* This means they are simpler to install and adjust.

* Also, each clamp is 1mm thicker for extra strength and durability.

* Supplied as a pair (for one brake), including 4 M5x25mm steel bolts.

* Please note: it’s recommended to file down the brake mounts on your frame or fork to ensure these brake clamps stay perfectly parallel to the rim.


* Compatible with Magura, Racing Line, Echo and similar rim brake cylinders. Dimensions

* Vertical adjustment range: +/- 5.5mm Finishes

* Anodized red, with white laser etched Clean logos.


* 43.66g (+bolts at 16g)