Clean carbon řídítka 12K 103

Dostupnost :
Clean carbon handlebar 12 103
3 400 Kč s DPH
2 810 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Clean carbon fiber handlebars now available in 12K finish!

* Central diameter is 31.8mm, suitable with all the stems in the market.

*Diameter in the sides is 22.2mm, compatible with all grips, no matter i fis wrap, foam or rubber.

* Sand texture in the center allows a great grip between stem and handlebar. There is 60mm of this texture so all stem will fit inside this.

* Marks in the center and the sides are perfect to use as a guide to cut your handlebar and know the position you are using in the center.

* Great to control it if you are running two bikes with the same set up.

* Great Clean Trials black and red graphics combined with the carbón fiber UD looks great.

* Available in two different sizes. 103mm is orientated to 20” bikes, and 107mm is orientated to 26” bikes, due of its geometry, you will always keep a natural position on your wrists if you use your handlebars further forwards.

* Weight: 197g.


Width: 730mm

Total rise: 103mm

Upsweep: 12º

Backsweep: 9º