Clean K 1.2 integr. složení

Dostupnost :
Clean K1.2 integrated head set 1 1/8" - 1,5
840 Kč s DPH
695 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

Clean K1.2 Integrated Headset 1 1/8" - 1.5" Clean K1.2 Integrated headset 1 1/8’’ - 1.5’’. Does not require headset cups: each bearing sits directly inside the frames’ head tube.

Compatible with the Clean K1.2 frame and those that doesn’t require cups.

Description and materials

- New Clean Integrated headset, as replacement for Clean K1.2 frames and those frames that accept a 1 1/8" – 1.5’’ integrated headset.

- This is an integrated headset, which means it doesn’t use cups: bearings sit directly into the frame’s head tube, which helps save weight and reduce the number of parts.

- This means this headset can only be used with those frames designed to accept an integrated headset, like the new Clean K1.2 frames. - 1 1/8’’ upper bearing and 1.5’’ lower bearing.

- High quality sealed bearings ensure reliability and minimize maintenance.

- CNC machined aluminium bearing cap. - Note: does not include a pre-load bolt or cap, available separately at our website. Compatibility

- This headset is compatible with Clean K1.2 20’’, 26’’ and those frames designed to accept an integrated headset (without cups), 1 1/8’’ upper and 1.5’’ lower. Includes

- This product includes the following: · 1x sealed bearing, upper, for 1 1/8’’ integrated head tube. · 1x sealed bearing, lower, for 1.5’’ integrated head tube. · 1x aluminium crown race. · 1x aluminium bearing cap

Finishes - Silver bearings and crown race, anodized red bearing cap.

Weight - 75.94g