Clean Koala 19x2.6

Dostupnost :
Clean Koala rear tire 19x2.6
999 Kč s DPH
826 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* NEW Clean Koala 19” trial tires.

* Developed for months official riders of the Clean Trials team.

* Exclusive Clean Koala tread pattern, 100% trial disciplin specific, with minimized side knobs.

* Designed with larger knobs, which help gain stability on the rear wheel and obtain greater energy return.

* Features a soft compound that reduces rebound, allowing for increased grip and stability on any terrain and weather conditions.

* Non-foldable carcass with anti-puncture technology.

* 2.6” wide, with standard 19” diameter, compatible with most 19” rear trials rims.

* Diameter: 19 inches (19”)

* Width: 2.6” (66mm)

* Hardness: 50a Colour

* Black, with Clean Koala white, yellow and red graphics.

* Weight - 698g (+/-20g)