Clean Koala SET 26"

Dostupnost :
Clean Koala set pneu 26"
1 998 Kč s DPH 2 450 Kč s DPH
1 652 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Clean SET of Koala tyres

* Description and materials:

* Set of Clean Koala 26” front and rear tyres, supplied as a pair.

* Developed for months and used by multi-time World Champion Abel Mustieles.

* Exclusive Clean Koala tread pattern, 100% bike trials specific and optimized for 26” trials riding.

* Designed with larger knobs, which help gain stability and obtain more energy return.

* Featuring a soft compound that increases grip and stability on any terrain and even wet conditions.

* Foldable carcass in the front tyre (lighter) and non-foldable in the rear tyre (more stable), with anti-puncture technology applied on both.

* Note: supplied as a tyre set (1x 26” front tyre and 1x 26” rear tyre).


* 1x Clean Koala 26” x 2.0” front tyre.

* 1x Clean Koala 26” x 2.6” rear tyre.


* Black, with Clean Koala white, yellow and red graphics.


* 1494g (+/-40g)