Clean představec PRO

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Clean trial stem PRO
1 535 Kč s DPH
1 269 Kč bez DPH
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* Clean biketrial stem - version PRO

* Innovative stem adopting the new design with flange type clamp to the handlebar and without stem cap.

* Power forged in 3D aluminium AK2014, compatible with 31. 8mm handlebars.

* The new clamp simply consists of two screws, it is attached to the power body by two pins made of stainless steel.

* Inside it incorporates a groove to give more grip to the handlebars.

* Sold separately as well.

* The power plug has been fully integrated into the power body, avoiding the use of it as a separate component.

* The use of this screw is simply to adjust the steering bearings.

* Common clamp opened by the front to the fork with a screw on each side.

* Both the top and bottom screws are metric 6 (M6).

* Handlebar clamp and fork are common M6x18mm, included.

* The screw of the integrated plug is also included.

* It is shipped with a nice Clean packaging with the written measure

* Power with angle of 27. 8º and available in four measures, 130. 6mm, 141. 6mm, 152. 6mm and 163. 6mm.

* Supplied in black sand blasted anodized finish with HRNT CLEAN graphics, laser logos on handlebar clamp.

* Weights (screws excluded): 130. 6mm: 213g, 141. 6mm: 220g, 152. 6mm: 220g, 163. 6mm: 225g