Clean řídítka Combo v2

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Clean trial handlebar Combo v2
11 500 Kč s DPH 13 500 Kč s DPH
9 505 Kč bez DPH
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Clean Trials V2 Carbon Handlebar and Stem Combo✅ New improved version of the handlebar and power combo from the prestigious Spanish brand Clean Trials.✅ Now with new aluminum inserts, to avoid the breakage of previous versions.✅ The height of the base has been renewed with a greater height to have a greater contact surface with the fork tube.- The Clean Trials Combo is the latest revolution in trial bikes, a high-end model for the most demanding trial riders.- Developed and tested at the highest level by Abel Mustieles himself, multiple Bike Trial World Champion.- This is the first integrated handlebar and stem combination, designed exclusively for trial bikes.- Constructed of 100% UD Carbon fiber and in a single piece to achieve the greatest possible rigidity.- With the new combo, problems in which the handlebar moves, typical creaks or that we do not have it perfectly aligned with the center of the stem are eliminated.- The base of the stem that holds the head tube is designed at an angle, with only 43 mm at the rear and 51 mm at the front, to avoid possible friction on the knees and is held with the tube using 2 screws. M6x30 mm steel (No. 5 Allen key).- Includes aluminum steering cap and M6x35 mm steel screw (No. 5 Allen key).Measures:- Handlebar length: 720mm.- Supplied with 3 inserts made of aluminum, with different angles (0º, 2º and 4º) to allow the handlebar to be placed in the most appropriate position.Depending on the insert chosen and its position (highest part facing forward or backward) different geometries can be obtained.- The maximum adjustment range for length (measured from the center of the head tube to the center of the handlebar) is 18.5mm, with a minimum length of 231mm to 249.5mm.- The maximum adjustment range for handlebar height (measured from the base of the stem, including the insert to the center of the handlebar) is 33.60mm, with a minimum height of 133.2mm up to 166.8mm.In the following drawing you can check all the possible geometries that can be achieved depending on the chosen insert and its position.Combi Handlebar and Stem CleanCompatible with:- Forks with 1-1/8 inch head tube, which is equivalent to a diameter of 28.6mm.- Grips with a standard inner diameter of 22.2mm.- Note: This stem requires that the excess length of the fork tube be a minimum of 31mm, so that the screws can tighten it safely.What are the improvements to the Clean Cockpit V2 handlebar and stem combo?Significant improvements to the Clean Cockpit V2 handlebar and stem combo compared to the previous version are: Base height: The Cockpit V2 version has a base height of 43 mm (up to the top screw 26 mm), which is an increase compared to the previous version which had a base height of 34 mm (up to the top screw 20 mm), improving the support surface on the fork, preventing the combo from rotating and thus cracking the inserts. Insert Height: The Cockpit V2 features inserts with a height of 39mm, while the previous version had 29mm inserts. This improvement in the height of the insert allows a greater support surface with the fork tube to avoid the cracks caused in previous versions.Finishes- UD matte black, with Clean graphics in shiny silver.Weight- 407.22 (+ additional 20.30 g of the steering cap and screw and 29.68 g of the insert).