Clean vidlice 20" X2 HS

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Clean fork 20" X2 rim brake
4 100 Kč s DPH
3 389 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Clean ALU fork X2 for rim brake

* New aluminium fork, tapered to match our new frames.

* Suitable with our last generation frames, but also Crewkerz, Ozonys, Echo and Monty will match these forks.

* The steerer tube is machined in one piece to improve strenght and stiffness.

* This time is tapered (1/5”), it means a big improvement if we compared with standard 1 1/8” forks.

* Inner butted ensures the perfect thickness in the key areas.

* Integrated Crown race system, it means the bearing fits directly wit the fork, in the área specially machined for it.

* Removes the need of splitted Crown race, being really easy to install the front end of your bike.

* Rim brake mounts are machined from 7075 T6 aluminium, spaced at 95mm.

* Oval main tubes to keep a the better fork performance and also a great look.

* Minimalist dropouts, integrated with the main tubes to have a perfect match.

* Available in black anodised finished with White and red Clean graphics.

Weight: 793g


Axle to Crown lenght: 370mm

Axle offset: 40mm

Steerer tube length: 190mm