Clean X3 rám 20"

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Clean X3 frame 20" disc
16 500 Kč s DPH
13 637 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

Clean X3 20" frame- Clean X3 frame from the prestigious Spanish brand Clean Trials, manufactured under the highest quality standards, with exclusive design and great improvements: Installation of integrated bearings, without the need to use cups. Offset bottom bracket tube that minimizes frame flex when pedaling. Closed dropouts designed for 12 mm diameter through rear axles.- Made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, with 7075-T6 machining, so that the best balance between low weight and high strength is obtained.- Conical (“tapered”) head tube, for integrated headsets with an upper diameter of 1 1/8” and a larger lower diameter of 1.5”.- Hydroformed lower main tube, which allows the tube sections to be optimized to achieve maximum resistance with minimum weight.- The head tube has a Clean logo opening that eliminates unnecessary weight.- Head tube designed for use with integrated bearings without the need for cups.- Each of the main tubes is joined to the steering tube by means of an additional reinforcement, which multiplies the rigidity and resistance of this critical area.- The lower tube joins the bottom bracket asymmetrically: instead of being welded in the center of the bottom bracket tube, it is offset to the left. This minimizes the bending of the frame when pedaling, since the sprocket has less leverage with respect to the main tube, being closer to it.- 91 mm wide bottom bracket tube, without thread, to use a Press Fit BB30 type bottom bracket and with supports for the 2-piece Clean mini-protection plate.- The chainstays are attached to the top tube using a gorilla-type reinforcement, essential to prevent flexing of the rear of the bike.- Contoured chainstays, which provide more than enough space to avoid rubbing with the tire or cranks.- The lower chainstays are joined by a small reinforcement tube, like a bridge, which increases the rigidity of this area.- Post Mount disc brake supports integrated into the left dropout, machined in a single piece to achieve the maximum possible resistance.- Incorporates vertical dropouts and uses a double sheave chain tensioner (not included with the frame). Thanks to this system, the wheel is always perfectly centered.- With the double sheave tensioner you can adjust the chain tension directly and instantly, without having to loosen the rear hub bolts or move the wheel.- The interior faces of the toe caps incorporate large machined recesses, which eliminate unnecessary material to save maximum weight.- The right chainstay incorporates a housing to install the roller tensioner, which is fixed with a M5x16 mm grub screw.- Both dropouts are closed, spaced at 120 mm, and are designed only for 12 mm diameter rear thru axle.- Note: Does not include inserts, headset, skid plate or chain tensioner

- Weight: 1,96kg