Comas karbon řídítka

Dostupnost :
Comas Trial carbon fiber handlebar
2 990 Kč s DPH 3 199 Kč s DPH
2 472 Kč bez DPH
Počet :


- Trial handlebar made of Carbon fiber with special geometry according to the new riding trends.

- Higher overall height and extremes with less angulation allowing greater mobility in driving.

- It allows to lower the gravity center of the stem maintaining the position of the handlebar (without negative angle).

- Manufactured using variable thicknesses to achieve an excellent combination of stiffness and weight.

- Ø31.8 mm diameter compatible with most of the stems used in Trial.

- Incorporates central markings to fix the handlebar on the stem in proper position.

- Non slip sufaces in grips and stem area to avoid handlebar turning.

- Its design provides excellent grip and durability.

- Suitable for use in competition and or training.


- Carbon fiber


- Length: 720mm

- Upward: 8º

- Backward: 6º

- Rise: 105mm Finish

- UD Black matt with COMAS graphics in White and Grey

Weight - 200g