Comas volnoběžka 135.9 18T Race

Dostupnost :
Comas freewheel 135.9 18T Race
2 450 Kč s DPH
2 025 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Comas new freewheel Race v2 

* Description

- 135 hitch points and 9 pawls made of high strength treated steel

- 3 groups of 45 hitch each obtaining 135 hitch points per revolution.

- Extraction using ISIS bottom bracket extractor.

- Standard thread of 1,37 '' x 24T

- New COMAS internal springs reinforced to increase reliability and accuracy.

- Sealed bearings on both sides to prevent dust and dirt entering the mechanism.

- Compatible with 1/8 "and 3/32" chains


- Crown: Cr-Mo machined steel

- Body: Cr-Mo machined steel Compatibility

- Not compatible with BB30 crankset

- Not compatible with cassette type cranks


- 18 teeth

- 9 pawls

- 135 hitch points

- Tooth width: 2.2mm

- Total width: 17mm


- 176g


- Finished in black with COMAS graphics laser engraved.

Additional Information

It is advisable to make a preliminary run of the freewheel to eliminate excess grease from the mechanism and ensure the correct settling of the pawls. This process can be accelerated by introducing a little oil in the groove between the center of the freewheel and the teeth. If the freewheel is used for trial without having set the palws first, it will not work properly and will cause it to jump, damaging the slot and the pawl.