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Hope Tech 4 trialzone black/red
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Hope Tech 4 Trial Zone disc brake, 100% developed for Bike Trials. Featuring multiple updates that achieve a 30% increase in braking pressure compared to the Hope Tech 3 Trial Zone brakes. Description and materials - Hope Tech 4 Trial Zone hydraulic disc brake for trials bikes. - Specifically developed for bike trials by renowned British brake manufacturer Hope. - This brake is built with a Hope Tech 4 lever and the legendary Hope Trial Zone caliper. - The Hope Tech 4 lever introduces key updates compared to the previous version: 30% increase in brake pressure. Completely new design. New low-profile, 1-bolt hinged bar clamp for better ergonomics. The pivot spins on roller bearings for faster lever return. New lever reservoir with low-profile and higher surface. Longer lever blade allows for increased braking power. New sealings reduce inner friction and improve performance. - The brake pads have too been updated, now featuring a more racing compound for better performance. - Both the lever and caliper are CNC-machined from a single billet of high-quality 2014-T6 aluminium alloy. - The Hope Tech 4 lever allows you to adjust independently both the lever reach and the bite point by turning the aluminium dials on the lever. - The lever blade is drilled so that it provides increased grip, and also helps save a bit of weight. - Hope Trial Zone caliper, with 25mm diameter pistons that provide unrivaled braking performance. - Screw-on pad retention pin, to keep the pads in place more securely, held with a Circlys clip. - Post Mount disc brake mounts, compatible with most bike trials frames from recent years. - Official Hope PVC hose, 198cm long. You can also choose a custom hose length with our brake hose shortening service. - Available as a left-hand or rear right hand brake. Includes - Complete Hope Tech 4 Trial Zone disc brake, with: • Hope Tech 4 brake lever. • Hope Trial Zone brake caliper. • Hope PVC hose, 198cm long. • 1x M5x12mm aluminium bolt for the handlebar clamp. • 2x M6x17mm steel bolts for the caliper. - Does not include a disc brake rotor. Colour - Anodized black finish, with silver laser-etched Hope Tech 4 and Trial Zone graphics on lever and caliper, respectively. Weight - 278.74g (+12.52g of bolts).