Jitsie 20" přední kolo disc RACE

Dostupnost :
Jitsie 20" front wheel disc RACE red
4 500 Kč s DPH
3 720 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

Jitsie Race 20" Disc Front WheelDescription and materials- New high quality Jitsie Race 20” Disc front wheel, assembled 100% with components from the prestigious Belgian brand Jitsie.- Uses the Jitsie 20” 32mm front rim, with 28 spoke holes, lightened single-ply design and deep-drawn walls to guarantee greater resistance and braking capacity.- Jitsie Race 100DISC 28-hole front hub, with sealed bearings and a simple and resistant design.- Standard 6-screw disc mount.- High quality Jitsie 15G 1.8mm spokes, which guarantee a durable assembly and impact resistant centering.- 15G Jitsie spoke nipples made of aluminum, which allow the final weight to be considerably reduced.Compatibility- Compatible with all forks whose internal spacing between the dropouts is 100mm.- Compatible with all discs with a standard 6-screw IS anchoring system.- Note: the bearings used in the hub of this wheel are type NBK 6000 2RS (disc side) and NBK 6800 2RS (non-disc side).Assembly carried out with:- Jitsie 20” 32mm 28H front wheel- Jitsie DISC 100DISC 28H front hub- Jitsie 15G 1.8mm Spokes- Aluminum Jitsie spoke nipplesFinishes- Black anodized rim, with white Jitsie sticker- Red anodized hub, with white laser engraved Jitsie logo- Silver spokes and nipplesWeight- 583.70g + 24g additional screws and washers.