Jitsie KMC Z1eHX Narrow silver

Dostupnost :
KMC chain Z1eHX Narrow by Jitsie
595 Kč s DPH
492 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* High-performance Jitsie KMC Z1 eHX

- Narrow bike chain, previously known as KMC Z610 HX: one of the most popular bike trials chains thanks to its great performance, low weight and high reliability.

- Specially designed by KMC for single-speed bikes.

- Heavy Duty technology increases strength against repeated tensile stresses, an essential aspect in a high-end chain.

- Long-life design ensures high durability and prevents any backlash between links.

- Recommended for all 20" and 26" single speed bikes.

- Supplied with a total of 112 links and KMC’s Missing Link.

Compatible with: - 3/32” Narrow freewheels and sprockets.

- Not compatible with 1/8” Wide freewheels and sprockets.


- Pin width: 7.8mm

- 1/2'' x 1/8''

- 112 links (including split link)

Finishes - Silver Weight

- 375.34g (complete chain with 112 links)