Poc Cortex flow SALE

Dostupnost :
Helmet POC Cortex flow
3 299 Kč s DPH 6 500 Kč s DPH
2 727 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* The POC Cortex Flow helmet is a fully ventilated full face helmet with a durable outer layer of fiberglass.

* The lining is made of EPP, which means that the helmet resists numerous impacts.

* The openings allow the air to enter and leave the helmet giving more perspiration, increasing the comfort and functionality of the user.


* EPP coating with multiple impacts

* Fiberglass outer cover

* Ear chambers designed for balance and hearing

* Chin bar built for optimized protection and easy breathing

* Weight: 1000 g

* Size: only M/L (55-57) ... SALE!!!