Try-all Forward 26x2,50

Dostupnost :
Try-all Forward 26x2,50
1 100 Kč s DPH
910 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Rear tire Try-all Forward

* 26in Rear tire from Try-All Forward with exclusive design.

* New distribution of the blocking, lower profile and spacing between the central and lateral blocks.

* High quality soft compound, which ensures maximum grip on all terrains and conditions.

* Incorporates holes in the side blocks to eliminate unnecessary weight.

* Width of 2.50" (63.5mm).

* Incorporates inner reinforcement ring made of Kevlar material.


* 26 inches (559mm)

* Width: 2.5" (63.5mm)

* Hardness: 55a


* Colour black with Try-All logos.


* 790gr +-30g approx.