VeeRubber pneu 26x2.50

Dostupnost :
VeeRubber tire 26" x 2.50
1 099 Kč s DPH
909 Kč bez DPH
Počet :

* Veerubber rear tire

* Tire 26"x2.50 Vee Rubber Waw Edition specially designed for use in trial.

* Super lightweight and low profile. Essential features in a quality tire.

* Width of 2.50 (57mm) to fit all 26" rear rims.

* Different knobs design depending on the different areas of the tire.

* Intermediate rigidity caseing that guarantees an optimal rebound while preventing wheel flaming easily.

* A medium-soft compound with 45A hardness has been used to offer a very good grip without fast wear.


* Diameter: ISO559 (26")

* Width: 2.50 (57mm)

* Hardness: 45A Finish

* Black color with Vee Rubber logos in white and blue


* 830g (+-20g)